Stephen Cuccia

Stephen Cuccia, a native of California, now resides in Meridian, Idaho. He is a hardworking salesman, an outdoorsman, and a family man. For Aflac and other insurance firms, he has been named a top salesman. Cuccia has now focused his sales expertise on his own company, which specializes in assisting people in getting out of timeshares they may have acquired years ago. Easy Timeshare Relif is the name of the company he owns with his wife of nearly 30 years (ETR). Stephen Cuccia and his wife Michelle Cuccia developed Easy Timeshare Relief in 2009. Both had worked in the tourism sector before and saw a need for help among disgruntled timeshare owners.

Cuccia explained, “We saw many of our clients in the travel business were expressing angst due to timeshares they felt would never end.” “We made it our top goal to solve this problem for others.” According to Cuccia, 80% of timeshare owners claim they were unaware of the full financial commitment they were making when they purchased the timeshare. They were also unaware that they were at the mercy of the resort in terms of costs, upkeep, and other issues. Most timeshare owners wish they had known what Cuccia and his family have taught them today when they bought their timeshare. Hundreds of people have been able to break out of their timeshare agreements thanks to their industry expertise and excellent relationships. Cuccia’s company, astonishingly, offers a 100 percent guarantee that they can get you out of your current timeshare for the lowest feasible price.

For decades, Stephen Cuccia has volunteered and donated a share of his profits. He considers the holiday season to be a time for giving, and he is always buying a large number of gifts for those in need. Cuccia traveled to Mexico in 1994 to assist in the construction of the Gabriel House for homeless children.
Cuccia is a family man who runs his own company. He works alongside his wife and is looking forward to celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in 2022. He’s also a grandfather to two granddaughters, with more on the way. Stephen Cuccia devotes a lot of his time and attention to his family and his thriving business. He does, however, enjoy spending his free time outside. He enjoys golfing and fly-fishing, which he can do in Idaho’s gorgeous natural settings for much of the year.

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